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Shanghai, Dubai or just from the office, Precision Pool Care is proud to announce you can now monitor and adjust your pool, spa and other backyard features from anywhere. Aqua Connect is the ultimate remote control. 

Aqua Connect gives an automated pool super intelligence and connectivity. This type of e-Managed pool is the most advanced level of pool ownership. 

Ever have a tough day at the office and want to head straight for your spa after work? Now it can be the perfect temperature when you need it and you can save heating dollars by turning up the temperature before you head home. Have unexpected guests coming? Turn on your lights, spa, water and fire features to greet them. Have a pool at your vacation home? You can monitor and adjust it like you were there. Traveling next month? Don't worry about the pool. You and even your pool service professional can watch it at the same time, in real time. 

Superior connectivity catches pool and spa problems early. And you don't even need to constantly monitor it. Set it to send you a text message or email. Advanced warning reduces operating, chemical and service costs and things get fixed faster and before they're really out of control.  Three levels of Aqua Connect remote pool management:

From anywhere using a web-enabled device and Aqua Connect Web Subscription

From your property using a WiFi device like a cell phone, iPad or laptop and Aqua Connect Home Network

From your home automation keypad or display using ​Aqua Connect Home Automation

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